Classic Racing

Fischer Speedmax Classic 2013-2014

The classic version of the new Speedmax Skate. This is a World Cup ski that is still forgiving enough for those who do not race but want a lightening-fast ski. Revolutionary Cold Base Bonding technology allows the ski base to maintain its integrity throughout the construction process not ever being exposed to heat that can alter the molecular structure of ski bases. This more open, porous base allows your favorite waxes to penetrate more deeply thus lasting longer. Makes sense. As with the Carbonlite Classic, the Carbon Air-Core construction of the Speedmax Classic makes this ski feather light allowing for an effortless kick.

Fischer RCS Carbonlite Classic Plus

The NEW (for 11-12) Carbon Pro Tip & Tail technology completely redefines the classic skiing feeling by reducing the weight in the tip and tail and thus improving the swing weight. In my opinion the Carbonlite Classic is the pinnacle for classical racing skis. The AirCore Carbonlite construction with carbon fiber tips and tails offer reduced swing weight making the Carbonlite Classic the lightest feeling classic ski on the market. Fischer uses a process (CFC) that yields the ultimate in a matched pair of skis. This is critical in classic skis and no one does this quite as well as Fischer. The Carbonlites are waxed immediately after the grinding process. This not only protects the bases but prevents them from oxidizing. You will get faster skis with a lot less preparation on your part. Fischer's DTG grinding process leaves a base finish that is arguably the best in the business. The Carbonlite Classics come with the innovative NIS binding plate. This is great for those that use the NNN System. The NIS Xcellerator Classic bindings slide right onto this plate giving you (now) seven different positions to find the sweet spot for maximum grip and glide. Mike Muha's of Nordic Ski had these initial impressions. The Good: The skis held the tracks very well around corners. Downhills were a piece of cake! They felt more like my skating skis (for stability and control) on the downhills. They were light and responsive climbing hills. The Bad: Nothing. The Carbonlite Classics stand out as a confidence inspiring ski. The Carbonlite Classic Plus also comes in a flat deck version without the NIS binding plate. And did we mention that these skis are fast and thanks to the pre-waxed factory LF base wax they get fast quickly. We carry the Plus Base as we find that it is the most universal of the two. We can and will special order the Cold Base model for you with the perfect flex. Expect no less!

Rossignol XIUM Classic

The X-ium classic has gone to three different cambers this year. The C1 has a low camber height designed for use with hard kick wax in soft snow. The C2 version is a universal classic ski ideal for most snow conditions. The C3 version has taller camber height designed for use with klister kick wax. All three feature 3D Profile construction, Nomex Honeycomb core and Control Edge ABS sidewalls, X-ium Classic skis are ultra-lightweight and deliver powerful and precise performance. New Bi-Edge technology provides a longer camber pocket and combines with a specialized kick zone for a stronger, easier kick.

Fischer RCS Classic Zero

Here is the Classic Race Ski missing from your arsenal. It is designed for those difficult waxing condition. The ZERO has an Ultra-fast new DTG finish and minimum tolerance for perfect gliding properties. To be successfully used from 30 degrees F and warmer (wet snow). It is perfect for changing snow conditions. The RCS Classic Zero has a special hairy base that grips in such conditions. With common 100 grit sandpaper roughen the yellow kick section of the ski base evenly using circular movements with gentle to medium pressure so it is velvet-like in appearance. With caution, one can add a little silicone to the hairy section. You could lose grip doing this.

How important is this ski on the world cup? Nine out of the top ten finishers including the top three at the 09-10 World Championships 15km used this very special ski. Now that is a testimonial. Like all RCS skis the Classic Zero uses a process (CFC) that yields the ultimate in a matched pair of skis. This is critical for classic skis and this one in particular as the flex needs to be softer than usual (45-55% of body weight).

The base is Fischer's proven WC Plus. Tips and Tails come from the factory PreWaxed, so these skis will get fast - fast. The Classic Zero comes with the NIS binding plate so all of you NNN skiers can fine tune the wax pocket for the perfect combination of grip and glide with 7 different binding positions. Don't worry Salomon skiers, we can mount your binding in the traditional way with screws.

Fischer RCR Vasa Classic

The RCR Classic Vasa features a Basalight deck instead of the fiberglass deck of the past. Basalight is made from volcanic rock fiber so it is not only lighter but stronger too. The RCR is the most incredible value in classic racing skis! Features (as found on the RCS Carbonlites) include Fischer's lightweight AirCore construction with the 812 Camber, the World Cup Plus base, a choice of two flexes for a more precise fit, and the CFC process that accurately matches skis within a pair. The bases are even pre-waxed right at the factory. The RCR Classic Vasa has a NIS bonded plate built right onto the ski that the NIS NNN bindings slide onto creating a more solid link between the ski and binding. The result is more control and power transfer. The binding can be adjusted fore and aft in one of 7 positions. You can absolutely find the sweet spot for best grip and glide. This ski is going to give the top end classic skis from other companies a serious run for the money, only a lot less of it. It will even take a bite out of the World Cup race proven RCS Classics. So be it! We can and do mount Salomon bindings on this ski too in the traditional way - drilling and screwing.

Fischer RCR Vasa Crown

As with it's sister ski, the RCR Vasa Classic, the Crown Vasa features a Basalight deck. Basalight is made from Basalt Volcanic rock fibers so it is not only light but strong also. The RCR Crown Vasa is the proven performer of waxless race skis. If you are looking for a waxless race ski that will perform in most all conditions the RCR Crown is a very good choice. As for the race scene, it is like having a secret weapon in your quiver of skis. If the waxing conditions are sketchy, pull out the RCR Crowns. Didn't get the right klister combination with only 15 minutes before the start of the race? Pull out the RCR Crowns. At times this ski can be faster than your waxable racing skis, especially if you miss the wax. The RCR Crown comes with the NIS bonded plate built right onto the ski that the NIS NNN binding slide onto creating a more solid link between the ski and the binding. The result is more control and power transfer. Like the Carbonlite's the RCR Crown's 812 flex pops the ski off the snow quicker for less interference in the glide phase. Whe flexed right for your weight and skiing ability you get an easier grip and faster glide. The RCR Crowns are waxed right at the factory after the best grind and race finish in the business. The base will not oxidize and will be fast with less preparation on your part. The PREMIUM CROWN Base maximizes glide by minimizing the drag created by a waxless pattern. The single crown is located at both front and back of the waxless pattern. The center section retains the tenacious griping double crown. This ski has a short waxless base pattern milled into the World Cup Plus base and is not very forgiving. If the ski is too stiff your weight and technical proficiency you will have a hard time getting grip. If the ski is too soft for your weight the waxless pattern will drag. Like all performance skis we sell they are flex tested to insure a proper fit. Get the best fit and the best service from the best source! Over thirty-five years of know how.

Rossignol Zymax Classic AR

The ZyMax is an introductory Waxless Classic Race Ski. If you are on a budget and want a fast in track ski with a waxless base for all around conditions we feel that the ZyMax Classic AR is an excellent choice. A new classic ski, based on the best compromise between performance/lightness/comfort and value. This ski does not offer the NIS plate. Waxless AR base.